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A Surrogate's Memoir

The Extraordinary Journey of a
Surrogate Mom
        By Pamela MacPhee          
An intimate, inspiring memoir of a fulfilling journey through surrogacy, carrying a baby for a cousin devastated by infertility.

**as seen in The New York Times**

"Wow, Wow, Wow.  What a fantastic book.  Your sense of humor is fantastic, writing is enthralling and I couldn't put it down waiting for baby Hope to be born."     Barb, Folsom CA

 The Extraordinary Journey of a Surrogate Mom

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"I LOVED it! Your book made me cry over and over again. Reading it was a huge help. I feel more prepared now for what is to come."    
                      A Hopeful Surrogate Mom

"Informative, and inspiring. Delivering Hope opens a window into the joy-filled, deeply satisfying, albeit vulnerable experience of being a surrogate mother...... A “must read” for women desiring to be surrogates, couples needing the help of a surrogate mother, or friends and families’ wanting to understand the mystery motivating women that carry and bear babies for those women who can’t."
~ Karen Chernekoff, MA, MFT, Third-Party Reproduction Consultant    

What kind of woman chooses to become a surrogate?
What is she thinking when she's pregnant 
                          with someone else's child?

                 How does she feel when she delivers the baby 
                                into the waiting arms of the parents?

    Does she want it back?                    

"Wow..such an amazing read. Tears of awe surprised me through the final pages. Amazing people, amazing process. I actually read it in two sittings......I don't think I've ever done that."      
                                        Patti, Ross CA

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newborn Hope, May 2001
It was truly amazing to share
such an intimate journey with another couple,
and I feel grateful for the privilege of being entrusted
with my cousin's dreams
and the opportunity to give them
the gift of a family. 

 Giving is what makes life meaningful.

      "We loved it!.....Thank you for sharing your story."
--an Expectant Mom and her Surrogate


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just finished reading DELIVERING HOPE.  Would that I had your way with words to tell you how moved I was by it.  What an extraordinary story."   Jane, Palm Springs CA

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